The report has shown it that millions of websites die after the expiration of a year hosting and domain name plan. This has one way or the order affected businesses all over the world and has been discouraging small businesses from having a website.

It has also come to our notice that some clients don’t even make use of their website after development. In this post, we highly 5 reasons why the website dies in the first year of development and the way out.

Under Utilization

Many clients believe after they have a website, the website is capable enough to start making their dreams come true. They don’t know the site needs to be regularly updated and well maintained for it to give expected results.

It came to our notice that many clients don ‘t bother to visit or use their website after development and when the hosting company remind them of renewal before the site hosting got expired, they will respond like WE HAVE NOT USED THE SITE and this may point to non renewal of the website hosting and domain name.

Bad Support Service from Developer

Apart from the fact that the development company should give the clients training on how to manage their website, bad support services from developers also contribute to the death of some websites after a year.

Some clients also don’t have the time or the technical know-how to manage their websites, this is another reason they should subscribe to web management in the same company that develops the website.

Part of the bad support service is when the development company starts to remind customers of a day or even a week before their services expire.

At Vertical Interactive Solutions, we start reminding our clients 3 months before their hosting expiration. Our support team reaches out to our clients every time so as to know how to help them grow their businesses.

Client Negligence

Even after training and much motivation from the development company, some clients still refuse to carry out their duties of managing and maintaining their websites.

They refuse to learn how to grow their business leveraging on their website and the internet at large. This has largely contributed to the downfall of many websites.

That is why we have a product called Seamless which helps our clients manage their websites and social media pages.

It will grow in a year mindset

One of the many reasons some clients subscribe to a year hosting and domain name plans are because they think their website will make them money to renew the following year. No, it does not work like that.

We always recommend to our premium clients that want to do real business to always go for 2 years and above hosting package. If you subscribe to 2 years plan, the first year is like a training ground and the second year is the real business.

Business dying vision

Some clients won’t renew their website after a year because their business is dying or not making profits. For a business to stand out in this 21st Century, a website is a must.

So, for a website to die, that means the business is also dying. We don’t watch our clients’ businesses die, we help and provide support.

So, these are some of the points why customers don’t renew website hosting. At Vertical Interactive Solutions, we have analyzed these problems and we have provided quality and sustainable solutions to them.

We serve you better.

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