To get good results on ads, the following shortcomings must be totally be avoided. You are on your way to get good results from your ads.

You don’t have a link and a call to action on your website

When running an online promotion, your website is key, that is the only place prospects can trust. Not only that, when they get to your website, there must be a call to action on what they should do next. We build highly responsive, mobile-friendly, pocket-friendly and business scaling website at

You target the wrong audience and location

When you are running an online promotion, your audience is key.

Who is going to buy from you? Don’t be selling Brazilian hairs and be targeting men.. You might get little or no result.

Your graphic is confusing

Hmmm! You run an advert as a real estate developer in Nigeria and you put oyinbo construction workers in your design. You put Dubai skyscrapers.. That is wrong.

Your message should be clear and should point to your target audience. Use African men for African wears shikena

Your content is not attractive and confusing

Your English is wrong. You use LOL, LMAO in your ads and you want to sell a CV writing business 🤣🤣.. content is king biko

Your budget is small

When running an online promotion, the longer it is, the higher the chances of converting.

Some prospects may see your ad on the first day but might not have time to click it immediately. So, it must keep coming to their timeline till they click. We have more courses both physical and online at

Hope this helps!

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