give exciting future surprise to your kids

The idea is simple. We help you design a beautiful website with the name of your child, update it every birthday with pictures, videos and articles about your child progress until he or she is 5 years old.

why you need this for your age 0-5 year old kids

We help you setup a website for your child, update it every of their birthday with pictures, videos, texts for 5 years.

Document your child journey

With our simple website, you can document your child's journey by updating the website with pictures, videos and lot more

A digital asset for your child

A website is a digital asset that will always be relevant anytime with unique domain name we will register for your child.

a surpise package for your child

When your child turn 5, he or she will already know about website and it will be amazing joy you have built one for them.

Business Model or Career Advantage

It will wow everyone that your child have a website event at 1 year or 5 year old. It gives them the opportunity to advance faster.

Securing your child's future

A domain name is a digital asset. If registered, it cannot be register by anyone again.

constant update

We take up the updates for the website for you. You just send us the contents, we update it and maintain for you.

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yearly Renewal


Yearly Renewal


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