Logistic and Delivery Website

One of the greatest problems e-commerce businesses are facing in Africa is logistic. Do you plan to start a logistic and delivery business? Get started with our Go-Logistic website package


These are the top notch features that your online store will have and it can be much more with your own custom choice.

  • Delivery Portal —Customers can order for delivery service of their products with details
  • Manage Order —Manage customers orders
  • Manage Riders —Manage your riders information
  • Accept Payment —accept payment from your customer with their mastercard and money received directly in your account
  • Manage Logistic —With tracking system, your customer can track their goods and you can also inform them when their products will be delivered. You can also track your riders
  • Provide Classic Customer Service —with the solution we will build for you, your customer will always have reaons to come back because of your customer service
  • IT/Business Support —We grow with your business providing constant tech support and business advisory service.

Africa's Ecommerce

Africa’s booming e-commerce sector faces a serious problem. That problem is logistic. Solve it today.

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