NGO Website

We are spreading love to NGOs with 20% off on website design that power their causes.


These are the top notch features that your NGO website will have and it can be much more with your own custom choice.

  • Accept Donation— Accept online donation for your causes
  • Responsive Design: Have catching web pages design with Gallery, Quality Pictures, Aesthetic experience.
  • Volunteers Portal - Accept volunteers that believe in your vision and manage them in one place
  • Blog - Your site will have a blog where you can share your stories
  • IT/Business Support —We grow with your business providing constant tech support and business advisory service.
  • Free 1 month social media management

Some NGO Website we built:

  • Oyiza Orphanage Home | URL:
  • Rural Bridge | URL:
  • Caring Nurse | URL:
  • Keyright Initiatives | URL: (in progress)
  • Alice Orphanage Home | URL: (in progress)

Do you know

That An NGO without a website lose enlightened donors or volunteers

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